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For Port Royal, PA

Transform Any Yard with the
Addition of Hardscaping Items

There is more to the design of a yard than just the plants, trees and flowers. With hardscaping, you can update the look and add functionality to any yard. Hardscaping can include things such as retaining walls, steps, walkways, fire pits, patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, driveways, water features and much more. No matter the project, Route 333 Supplies LLC has the supplies you need to transform your yard. When you stop by our store, be sure to talk to one of our team members about our hardscaping supplies.

Contact Route 333 Supplies at (717) 527-4220 for more information about the supplies and services we provide to the community.

Route 333 Supplies LLC is Your
Resource for High Quality Materials

Route 333 Supplies LLC produces all of our products on a large scale to guarantee we have the materials you need at our store. If you need a custom blend, just ask our team, and we will create a mixture of hardscaping materials just for you.
You can depend on us to create a custom blend of materials that fits your need exactly.
hardscape stairs

Hardscapes and Edging from Route 333 in Port Royal, PA

Route 333 Supplies LLC in Port Royal, PA, is a New Holland Concrete Hardscapes dealer for the area. We stock many of the quality products in the New Holland Concrete Hardscapes catalog.
We are also a trusted Col-Met Edging dealer.

• Hardscapes
• Polymeric Sand
• Metal Edging
• Coiled Edging
(Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic)

• Railroad Ties
• Hardscape Accessories
• Edging Accessories
• Weed Barrier

Erosion Control for Central

Erosion Control has become a big part of ground moving activities in Central Pennsylvania. Proper care is needed when disturbing the earth. Route 333 Supplies is here to help. If your job has the need for erosion control, contact us for your supplies.
Below is a list of some products carried for Erosion Control purposes.

• Straw Matting
• Silt Fence
• Geotextile fabric

• Straw Bales
• Wooden Stakes
• Construction Fencing