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Landscaping Supplies
in Port Royal, PA

Landscaping Supplies for Area Homes and Businesses

Find the landscaping supplies you need from Route 333 Supplies LLC in Port Royal, PA. We have the high quality supplies residents from Juniata, Mifflin, Perry and Snyder counties want to complete their landscaping projects. With our experience and knowledge, we can find what you need right away. Visit our store today for essential landscaping supplies that will make your residential or commercial outdoor property look beautiful. If you are unsure about what you need, talk to the professionals at Route 333 Supplies.

Our staff will assist you in finding the exact products and supplies that fit with the project you have in mind. Contact Route 333 Supplies LLC at (717) 527-4220 for landscaping supplies today and discover the difference 30 years of experience makes.

Route 333 Has a Variety of Mulches for Delivery or Pickup

Route 333 Supplies LLC offers our own first grade bark, double ground, black mulch and uncertified and playground mulch that we make on site. Rubber mulch is attainable by special order. All mulches from Route 333 are available for pickup or delivery to where you are located. Our mulch is available to customers in two cubic feet bags.
When installing mulch in to a new landscape area, we recommend a depth of 4” and 2” for remulching existing landscape.

Types of Mulch Available at Route 333 Supplies:

• Natural Bark
• Double Ground
• Uncertified Playground Mulch
• Black Colored Mulch
• Red Colored Mulch
• Brown Colored Mulch
• Super Black

Types of Soil and Topsoil Available at Route 333 Supplies:

Field Rite:
Field rite is made of a high quality mix of natural silts, clays and sand. Our blend of field rite is recommended for skinned areas such as baseball or softball fields.

Super Soil:
Super soil is a mixture of screened topsoil, mushroom soil, compost, and brown sand. We recommend super soil for gardens, flowerbeds, tree and perennial plantings.

Screened Topsoil:
Screened topsoil includes a little bit of compost and is best for yard repair and new lawn installations.

Mushroom Soil:
Spent mushroom soil comes from the mushroom industry. Our team recommends mushroom soil for mulch, flowerbeds, gardens, amended soils and organic fertilizer.

Aged and Screened Mushroom Soil:
Leftover mushroom soil from the mushroom industry aged at Route 333 and then screened for a rich consistency. Recommended uses include gardens, amended soils and organic fertilizer.

Find on site lawn clippings, leaves, hay and other organic materials for compost at Route 333. Compost is best when used for mulching flowerbeds, gardens, amended soils and organic fertilizer. We also recommend compost for weed control and vegetable gardens.

Decorative Stone:
Find many different types of beautiful, decorative stone at Route 333. We have decorative stone in a variety of colors and sizes to add to your landscape. Decorative stone is eligible for bulk orders and delivery. Some varieties of stone are available in 40-pound. bags. Call or visit our store to see our inventory.

Find These High Quality Landscaping Items at 333 Supplies LLC:

–  Agricultural Fertilizer
– Hydrated Lime
– Pulverized and Pelletized Lime
– Peat Moss
– Various Grass Seed Mixes
– Straw Mating & Bales
– Weed-n-feed, Crabgrass Preventer
– Large Pond Treatment Chemicals
– Weed Barrier or Geo Textiles
– Mulch
– Decorative Stone
– Field Rite (Mix of sand and clay)
– Screen topsoil
– Quarry Stone (Limestone)
– Hardscaping Materials
– Edging
– Erosion Control
– Grub Control
– Natural Insect Control